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A micro-publishing house by Rosana Rainhart.

Deering Publications exclusively focus on books written by Rosana Rainhart and is only publishing her books as well as her future merchandise - such as bookplates, pins, stickers, bookmarks, etc. Since Deering Publications is run and owned by the indie author Rosana Rainhart, she is not only aiming for that lovely title but is reaching beyond with the hopes and intentions of becoming an Authorpreneur.

What is an Authorpreneur?


It is an entrepreneur that offers products and services that are based on their book or books and work in a business-minded way with their books. The term isn't widely used - it should be according to Rosana - but that is the difference between an Indie Author and an Authorpreneur. The step beyond only writing and selling books, the work to give more to readers than the words on paper (or a screen) pertaining to those words.


If you want to know more you can check these out:

Why start a publishing house for just one author?


This question has many answers, and depending on where in the world you're located it varies too. There can be tax benefits, an air of professionalism, and having a publishing house as the publisher rather than the author name - there are many reasons and for Rosana it was mostly a company decision with a sprinkle of joy at having everything collected under one company name.

It also makes it easier to have several pennames if that's something one wants to do - separating contemporary and historical writing perhaps?

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