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Did you always want to be an author? 

No, when I was very young I wanted to become a teacher and then, later on, I became a librarian and information scientist but I, unfortunately, realised that was not at all what I wanted to work with despite libraries being amazing treasure-troves and having a bachelor degree in Library And Information Science. I knew I wanted to write but that I truly only want to be an author I realised in 2018.

What inspires you while writing?

Everything really, but I draw a lot of inspiration from my own experiences and emotions - just adding flair and drama to it all while altering it to be more suited to books rather than real life. I also draw a lot of inspiration from music and from previous comments from my darling readers who have been amazing and so helpful by telling me what they enjoy and not, what they want more or less of, etc.

Will you have merch?

I plan to have merch in the future; I'm currently working on putting together merch packages for Clearview Cove  and The Glass Goddess!

Do you do everything yourself?

I do everything myself at the moment. However, I do purchase art from other creators as it is not a skill I hold and I thoroughly believe one should help other artists who have skills I don’t to provide a great experience for my readers. I also always hire and editor - they are priceless!

Can I become a BETA or ARC reader?

I am currently looking for both BETA and ARC readers so feel free to contact me and we can see if you’re a good match for my books as a BETA and/or an ARC reader.

Do you only write contemporary books?

Currently my focus lay with contemporary romance books, however, I don't want to limit myself by saying I'll stick to that alone since I absolutely love other subgenres - like alien and monster romances for example.

   In the future, I'm actually rather hopeful that I'll be able to have at least three subgenres of romance books to offer - even if I am highly aware that most authors only write within one with one pen name I don't want to do that. Everything I write will be as Rosana Rainhart.

Will you have Book Boxes in the future?

As I am located in Sweden the shipping cost is quite expensive, nevertheless I do offer book boxes at certain times - these contain signed copies, bookmarks, stickers, and sometimes a little bonus - and the best way to not miss a book box event is to join my newsletter!

I want to support you more, but how?

You can help me by sharing information about my books and social media profiles with other readers or you can donate a little something HERE if you wish to do so!

Reviews are a fantastic way to help every author, I'd love it if you review my books on Goodreads, Amazon, social media - anywhere and everywhere really!

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