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Who is Rosana Rainhart?

Rosana Rainhart began her journey as a writer by creating fanfiction. She honed her skills and found her writing style through roughly 2 million words over a multitude of one-shots, serials, and a trilogy of full-length novels. 

   She discovered her passion for evoking deep emotions of all kinds through the use of descriptive, metaphorical language that paints vivid pictures of the untouchable and she has continued to explore how far the written word can push emotions and thoughts as her readers praised how she made them feel and think.

   When Rosana isn’t writing or banging down feral plot-bunnies she enjoys reading steamy, spicy romance books - of most subgenres really - with a cup of tea/coffee or glass of Coca-Cola, like the caffeine-dependent person she is, while constantly listening to music. 

   Gaming or watching movies with her husband as well as playing and being creative with her daughter are other activities she very much enjoys as well as dancing, horseback riding and scrolling TikTok for far too long. Walks with the stroller is a daily activity the whole family partakes in no matter the weather.

   Rosana is situated with her family in south Sweden; on the edge of a small, cosy town surrounded by forests and lakes after having lived a few years in the countryside. Perhaps her love of rural and quiet places is why she’s so inclined to write about secluded places when writing her romances - a lonely cabin in the mountains, or a penthouse high over the surrounding buildings…

   Either way, Rosana writes romances that will pull on your heartstrings and keep you wanting more as spice and emotions meet in the dark whenever she picks up her pen. 

Author Blurb

Rosana Rainhart is a Swedish author who fell head-over-heels in love with the English language at an early age – especially in its written form. She writes dark and spicy romances with emotions at the forefront, weaving together twisted tales and the souls of broken people as they find love between bullets and sheets.

     Rosana resides in southern Sweden, with her husband and daughter. She constantly listens to music and never runs out of ideas for books she wishes to write. She holds a degree in Library & Information Science, with English and Religion as electives, and previously worked as a librarian before creating Deering Publications – throwing herself headfirst into writing and publishing independently.



Rosana exclusively reads and writes Romance books, for adults (99% of the time with descriptive sexual and dark scenes).


Within the realm of romance she enjoys subgenres such as:










These are some of Rosana’s favourite general tropes to write and read - in no particular order:

Mutual Secret Pining

Strangers To Lovers

Enemies To Lovers


Morally Grey

Arranged Marriage 


Interracial Love


Forced Proximity 

Villain Gets The Girl




Age Gap

Forbidden Love



Loving The Villain


General tropes Rosana doesn’t use or particularly like in romance books - in no particular order:

Surprise Pregnancy

Epilogue Baby 

Unnecessary Pregnancy [MCs]

Miscommunication [MCs]

Why Choose


(There is no judgment from Rosana regarding any books having these tropes, or any readers loving these tropes. This is to help readers know what to expect from Rosana and to show it is alright to like and dislike different things - as long as there is no hate directed towards the opposite opinion in either direction.)

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