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The Glass Goddess


F/M Romance


Mobster Romance

478 pages​​

To be speechless, trapped without rights to her own life, forced Fiora to bury herself deep within – where her mother’s abandonment and her father’s ownership couldn’t touch her. The incessant need to claw at the world and allow the violence within her blood to be freed painstakingly held at bay. Then the man she thought to be the enemy arrives with a smirk…


He’s the head of the Tavares family ruling Radland, harboring only a dark void within his chest – allowing his savagery to reign freely. But the world around Rawler was changing. The Varga family encroached on his territory, politicians and law enforcement put up roadblocks everywhere, and the vermin called traitors infiltrated the family. Then she created a desperation within his darkness – making the void ripple…


His powerful darkness seeks her violent light. 

Her violent nature seeks his powerful strength.

Clearview Cove


F/M Romance



154 pages


She's running from her personal hell.

He's trapped in a void of lonely grief.

Neither believed love was on the table.

When their worlds collide, among pine trees and mountains in the Canadian wilderness, everything changed. However, one can only hide from the law for so long and nature proves itself just as dangerous as any gun-wielding man.

Can they make it out together, alive, between flying bullets and roaring bears?




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